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Despite of the expedition character of our tours you don't have to relinquish on any comfort. Our 4x4 vehicles are spacious, extremely powerful and reliable. The safari equipment is only the best as well.

The routes are planned so that the daily distances travelled are not too long. Our priority is to have enough time to discover the hidden secrets of the Kalahari's treasures in its full.

Leaving the normal travel routes enables your guide to unveil to you nature’s small secrets, which lies hidden in the red Kalahari sand. In this way you will be enlightened on the plants used as medicine and remedies by the San Bushmen over centuries. Uninformed tourists travelling on their own will not easily experience these unique discoveries.

Kalahari desert adventures

The tours are created around the different skill profiles of participants and are indicated in different colours:

GREEN: These tours will suit all as no special skills are required to enjoy it:

Tour 1: Short Kalahari-Safari


Purple: Our purple market programmes are ROUND TRIPS - Each of them leads you to another special part of the Southern part of Africa. Leaving the normal boring and treat out  travel routes, and visit the more remote and difficult parts of the Southern part of Africa, and dream when you became ones with nature during your extraordinary round trip safari with us.

Tour 2: Pearls of the Northern Cape

Tour 3: From the Kalahari Desert to the Atlantic Ocean

Tour 4: From the Kalahari through the Flowering Namaqualand to the Richtersveld

Tour 5: Jewels of the Northern Cape

Tour 13: Namibia Wild West

Tour 14: Unfathomable Southern Africa

Tour 15: Botswana Highlights


BLUE: These programs are for the person seeking a little more adventure.

Meaning camping in conditions where you’ll at least have a long drop toilet, but without having the possibility to shower every day. Camps are not fenced in and you must expect visits from wild animals in the camp – an advantage to those with enough courage. Nothing to worry about though, as you’ll have a well-experienced tour guide who can handle the situation.

Tour 6: Mabuasehube Kalahari Safari

Tour 7: Bushmen Tour


RED: These programs are only for those people who are really brave at heart.

Those not minding to sacrifice everyday luxuries, willing to survive with only one glass of water for brushing teeth and getting a shower only now and then! It is for those who enjoy the remoteness and seclusion in the wild and have a challenging outlook on life. You will sometimes not even have a long drop toilet, meaning having to use a spade and go behind the bush if nature calls. There are no fences around any camp on these tours. Nothing to worry about, as you'll have a well-experienced tour guide who can handle the situation.

Tour 8: Gourmet Kalahari Beauty

Tour 9: Enigmatic Kalahari

Tour 10: Kalahari Adventure Safari

Tour 11: Kalahari’s Hidden Treasures Experience

Tour 12: Secluded Kalahari

Whatever your decision will be, we guarantee you our 100% attention and care to make your stay in this part of our beautiful country an unforgettable experience for lifetime.

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Since 1 June 2017 a NEW Tourist Tax of US$ 30 per Person is payable by ALL Visitor's from oversee visit Botswana. This tax can be paid by Credit Card on ANY Botswana Border post, and is NOT INCLUDED in the indicated Tour price!