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Unfortunately the "Kgalagadi National park" is in such a great demand, in the last couples of years, that it becomes more and more impossible to find place on any camp on South African OR Botswana side of the Park.

These circumstances force us to terminate all previous tour programs, and concentrate us to other Parks and Reserves in our beautiful Northern Cape Province, who are NOT so overcrowded, giving us change to find free accommodations in those parks and Reserves.
It doesn't make sins to offer tour programs, which can NOT be realised, because most of the places are already fully booked many months in advance!!

Our NEW tour programs trough the Northern Cape Province

Tour 1: Short Kalahari-Safari
Tour 2: Pearls of the Northern Cape
Tour 3: From the Kalahari Desert to the Atlantic Ocean
Tour 4: From the Kalahari through the Flowering Namaqualand to the Richtersveld
Tour 5: Jewels of the Northern Cape
Tour 6: Mabuasehube Kalahari Safari

Whatever your decision will be, we guarantee you our 100% attention and care to make your stay in this part of our beautiful country an unforgettable experience for lifetime.



Since 1 June 2017 a NEW Tourist Tax of US$ 30 per Person is payable by ALL Visitor's from oversee visit Botswana. This tax can be paid by Credit Card on ANY Botswana Border post, and is NOT INCLUDED in the indicated Tour price!