Advantages booking a private tour & safari with us

You only lying back and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the Kalahari’s beauty, and be ready for the moments shooting fantastic pictures for lifetime. And if you are back home at the daily hassle and bustle, enjoy your extraordinary pictures you made on a rainy Sunday afternoon, and dream when you became ones with nature during your extraordinary Kalahari safari with us.

After booking your favourite tour program with us, you only take along your camera equipment and appetite for special freshly prepared dishes, served daily by your guide. That’s it.

Your experienced tour guide Hanspeter lead you into the heart of this large unspoiled wilderness area - the Kalahari.

A miracle of nature is hidden in each red sand dune, each saltpan, each tree or bush. We lead you deep into the seclusion of the Kalahari where only the voices of the Kalahari will lull you into sleep...

» With 16 years of experience we know all the beautiful places away from the usual and boring tread-out footpaths. Our tours leads you always to special places, our aim is to make your wildest safari dreams comes trough.
» Your guide shows you all the secrets hidden in each red sand dune, each saltpan, each tree or bush. All this smaller miracles will be easily missed by people driving by them self.
» Your guide not only shows you all big and small creatures, he also explains you the secrets, and shares his experience with passion and love for details.
» Booking your private safari by us, have the big advance that your guide is only focus by your interests, you don’t have to share it with anybody.

Of course you could undertake a tour by your self:

» But hiring a full equipped 4x4 vehicle are quid expensive and depending of the duration of hiring and kind of additional type of insurance the vehicle can costs you up to RAND 2 000 a day.
» In case of an accident or damage your claim liability covers the damage only if the damage risings up over RAND 15 000. Depending what kind of additional insurance agreement you chose, and pay for. This means that you are responsible for any damage up to 15 000 Rand
» NO personal accident insurance are included, you therefore responsible to have a comprehensive travel and accident insurance, covering all possible costs oversee.
» In case of a breakdown, troubles are pre-programmed, Keep in mind plenty people driving the vehicle, and a lot of them don’t care about it, as it is not there vehicle.
» Every single time you cross a border, you must pay cross border permit and road tax.
» Most of petrol station in the southern part of Africa, don’t accept credit card for fuel, you therefore struggling to change money into local currency.
» All over the southern part of Africa is left hand driving on the road. But some people struggling to doe so. In case of an accident, because driving on the wrong side, you are responsible for all damages happens, because the insurance refuse payments. And this can be horrible expensive!
» You must make all necessary reservation of accommodations at your own. This procedure can be a nightmare,
» Every day worry where to find a shop or petrol station, because you running out of food, drinks or fuel. Depending of the tour you are planning you will NOT find a shop or fuel station for a week or even longer. Carry only 1 or 2 jerry cans extra fuel with you, does not helps a lot. What’s then??
» What’s happens in an emergency in the middle of the Kalahari. You might NOT see a single soul for days! Help are far away. Therefore we carry ALLWAYS an IRIDIUM satellite phone with us. Buying or even renting a satellite phone is extremely expensive.  
» This are only a few problems you must thinking about, if decide to hire a vehicle and drive by your own.

But should your wisely decision be booking your dream vacancy by us, then all this problems will not having any influences for a succesful adventure.
Let us doing the job!




Since 1 June 2017 a NEW Tourist Tax of US$ 30 per Person is payable by ALL Visitor's from oversee visit Botswana. This tax can be paid by Credit Card on ANY Botswana Border post, and is NOT INCLUDED in the indicated Tour price!