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Touched by Leopard

Touched by Leopard

During my last tour with two clients from the Netherlands we spent 3 nights at the “Mabuasehube Game Reserve” in Botswana.
On the first day on our morning Safari Drive we were so fortunate to discover a Lion couples on their “Honeymoon” at one of the neighbouring saltpan. We were very impressed, because we could observe this two imposing cats very close by.
On the evening Safari Drive in another direction we came very close to another two large black manned Kalahari Lions.  
Back in our camp we enjoyed our diner under magnificent African Stars and we were very satisfied with what we saw today - and happy.

Kalahari Desert Safari - Mabuasehube Game Reserve


We didn’t know what kind of surprising awaits us during the following two days at our camp. On day two we spotted some of the antelopes and very nice birds. And after diner we decided to go sleep early for tonight.

But on this second night at around 03:00 a.m. big noises waked me up. I watched trough the Mosquito net of the window of my tent. I saw two mating Leopards in the Moonlight only 20 meter away from my tent doing the "reproduction thing".
On the following morning as we stand up, we could see Leopard tracks all over our camp. My clients became very enthusiastic when I told them what’s happened last night.

But on our last evening and during the third night the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE was awaiting us! We were sitting around the table after diner and suddenly my guest where asking me if there are also ant bears which could be seen in this area. Yes they are, but you want see them during daylight as this animal is nocturnal? Ok they said, but how is an ant bear looks like? Just a second, I will show you how they are looks like in my book “Southern African mammals”.
Therefore I walked to my nearby vehicle to pick up the book from inside the car.
But what’s that? When I arrived by my vehicle and opened the door, I could feel a SOFT TOUCH on my SHINBONE. Completely surprised I walked two steps back and watched to the floor to see what was touching me?

WOW! In the light of my headlight I saw a Leopard resting under my vehicle. It was the Leopard who gives me a soft slap (luckily without his claws) just to let me know:
Hey Man, I’m here, be carefully where to you trap!

I immediately realised that this was a still young female Leopard, who didn’t know how handling this situation. Luckily she was not aggressive but curios!
I made another few steps back and said to my clients:
There is a Leopard under our vehicle!
Yes, yes they said and laughed because they thought I would made another joke! No it’s not a joke, it's real! Watch under the vehicle. What should we do, they ask? Move slowly back and go into your tent, but don't run!

But what about me? I could not enter my vehicle, because of the Leopard under the car. I walked back a few steps to see what’s happen further. The Leopard moved out now her place under my vehicle onto the opposite site, which gives me the chance to climb into my save vehicle. The Leopard walked all around the camp, ones very close by my clients tent and further on under our table. As she where very curios and wants to know everything what’s going on here. All the time as she walked around I was speaking to this fantastic and beautiful creature something like “you are soooooo beautiful, absolutely gorgeous and fantastic”!
I was so fascinated of her beauty, majestic and powerful moving, that I even forgot to make a picture! Then suddenly the Leopard walked back to the table where the clients “beauty case” was on the floor. The Leopard sniffed on that beauty case, and she packed this good smelling thing and walked away back into the bush.

As the Leopard didn’t return into our camp, I decided after a while to go into my tent for sleeping as well. As allways I parked my vehicle only 1 meter away from my tent entrance and the vehicles key remains in the lock, e.g. in case of an emergency like Lions visiting the camp, I could get out of my tent and enter the vehicle immediately to chase away whatever it moves around our tents.

I slept and snored like “a little baby” dreaming of the Leopard. Until around 05:00 a.m. some raindrops waked me up. But luckily only a few drops and I didn’t have to stand up to close my tents windows. I tried to sleep another hour before it’s time to stand up at sunset! But firstly I feel that a must go for a “call of nature”. So I picked up my headlight and switched it on, and the first I saw where the Leopards head again under my vehicle, only two meter away!

I don’t know how long that Leopard was there again. Possibly she was attracted by my “snoring”! However my strong headlight irritated the Leopard and she decided to move back into the bush.

The following morning we found the “rest” of the clients beauty case in the bush nearby, and guests where asking me why that the Leopard where taking away the beauty case? I joked, and explained that it was a “Female” and she where looking into the Beauty case to find a lovely “perfume like Chanel No.5”... Just in case that the male Leopard returns as at the previous night, to be a “beautiful and nice smelling Lady”! Everybody were laughing after my jock and happy to survive this absolutely crazy night we had!  

This special experience was a great privilege which happens only ones in your lifetime! But maybe some of you dear readers, think that this is only a “fairy story” from my side. Please contact me anytime, I gladly provide you with the two guest contact details, so that you can ask personal about this story. Reality and genuine truth -  word by word!


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