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Safari in South Africa

Safari in South Africa

Safari in South Africa

This tour was choosen by our guests from Poland as a Chalet-Tour in the beginning of 2013. We started in Upington to visit the highlights of the Nortern Cape Province of South Africa. Tour 2 - Pearls of the Northern Cape was ideal for this safari vacation.      

Safari South Africa

Highlights of the Northern Cape

Safari Highlight #1
The two day safari drive at the Kgalagadi National Park was very successfully. We where privileged observe a whole pack of Lions on our first game drive. Especially the world knows black manned Kalahari Lion was absolutely impressive.

Safari Highlight #2
Augrabies Falls National Park. The falls are now illuminated until 10pm very special pictures are guaranteed. But we also enjoy a walk on one of the many available trails in the park.


Augrabies Waterfalls



Hamerkop in the Augrabies National Park


Safari Highlight #3
Witsand Nature Reserve. Not only the spectacular view after climbing up one of the step “roaring sand dunes around this magnificent area. We where privileged to have a very rare visitor just in front of our chalet at the evening.
A curious small spotted genet was a real highlight, and let us dreaming during the night.



Safari Highlight #4
Visit Kimberley’s main attraction the “Big hole”. Motivation for thousands of people digging such a big hole? “Girls best friend” Diamonds!

Safari Highlight #5
Mokala National Park. In our opinion is this small Park even more interesting then the very big “Kgalagadi Park” because the change for unforgettable discover of many species not found in the Kalahari are enormous, like rhinos, buffalo, and many rare antelopes.


Chalet in Mokala National Park







Red Hartebeest



Tsessebe Antilopes at the waterhole



Roan Antilopes in the National Park near Kimberley



Sabel Antilopes (Oryx dammah) - seldom seen in the Mokala National Park.




We where fortunate enough that we could observe “Meerkat” or Suricates for hour’s, as they where our neighbours, not far away from our chalet we stay.

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Unbelievable beginner's luck
Namaqua National Park: flowering time

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