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Exceptional Namibia - Khaudum National Park and much more

Exceptional Namibia - Khaudum National Park and much more

One of our last tours leads us into the north of Namibia but far away from the usual and boring tread-out footpaths, giving us the opportunity to unwind and become one with nature. The tour started and ended in Windhoek, Namibia's capital.
The first night we spend at the beautiful Ondekaremba Guest Farm giving the change for the clients to rest from their long journey to Namibia. On our way up north, we overnight at Waterberg National Park and Dornhügel Guest Farm.

Traveling the Khaudum National Park

This were the "End of Civilization", because the day after we drive via Tsumke up to the Khaudum National Park where we set up our tents for the following two days at Sikaretti Camp. Khaudom is one of the last remaining wild parks Namibia's. Visiting this remote area is a challenge, because there are no facilities, like shops or petrol station close by. Everything must be carried by visitors, like enough food, drinks water and petrol. Especially enough petrol are the most important, because the heavy sandy tracks in this area means that the consumption of petrol are much higher than normal. Navigation inside the park can be very tricky as well; therefore you need a very experienced guide to NOT come into trouble, as help in the Khaudum is far away!
Here in the southern part around Sikaretti Camp are a few beautiful waterholes with hides on a tree like the close by Sangona waterhole, where we observed plenty of Elephants, Giraffes, Kudus and luckily as well some of the rare Roan Antelopes. The birds around Sangona were fantastic as well, like the beautiful collared.


Lilac breasted Rollers, or the magnificent Swallow tailed Bee-Eaters and many more. After this first two days in the southern part, we crossed one heavy 4x4 tracks the whole Khaudum park via the waterholes Sncana, Dussi, Tsau, Leeupan and Doringstraat up to the northern part to Khaudum Camp were we spend another two nights. But because that part of Khaudum where quit dry we could not observe much game in that part there. However we enjoy it very much, having the privilege to be ones with nature.

After these two peaceful days at Khaudum we drove further north direction to Katere, where we reach the beautiful tarred main road. But this 55km - until the main road - is the poorest part of the pad, because the track are very deep sandy and needs at least 3 hour driving. Thereafter we travelled in a few days via Rundu, Grootfontein, Tsumeb and Otjio as fast as possible to Opuwo to get back into the wilderness of the Kaokaveld.

We didn't want to visit the world famous Etosha National Park to avoid all those overcrowded campsites there.

At Opuwo we had our last change for shopping and buy enough fuel, because we didn't have any more possibilities to do so the following 10 days in the Kaokaveld. Trough magnificent landscape of the Kaokaveld we drove via Orupembe to Marble Campsite where we stayed overnight. The day after we continuing drive to red drum and then further down the Marienflusstal to the Kunene River at the border to Angola. Here we set up our camp at "Camp Synchro" on the banks of the Kunene River, with a beautiful view. But be aware as the Kunene River is NOT a place to enjoy a refreshing swim, because crocodiles are not only hugh, they are very aggressive as well.

Ryan and Sarah the owner of Camp Synchro have not only rebuild the camp after a fire destroyed the camp a few years ago, they have as well build a small Pizza oven and we ordered a pizza evening in advance, and Sarah then prepared the Pizza dough and all necessary ingredients, so that everybody could prepare his favorite pizza before Ryan baked them in his oven. After this beautiful two days at Camp Synchro we drive back to Red Drum but from there we tuck another route to Blue Drum on the way we were so lucky to observing some Hartmann's Zebras.


From Blue Drum we continuing driving back to Orupembe but here we left the main gravel road down to Purros and we drove 4x4 trough the Khumib River bed for about 40km. On the way we could observe many Giraffes and different antelopes. After 40 km we left the River bed and we drove through a fantastic landscape over a plateau down to the Hoarusib River bed to observe the legendary Desert Elephants.
The track leads us then down the River until Purros camp where we overnight another two nights. From Purros we drove further down the Hoarusib River and over Ganias plain down to Hoanib River another very good area to come close to the Desert Elephants. Overnight stays at one of the campsite of the Palmwag concession area down to Palmwag Lodge were we are back in the "civilisation". Here we had the possibility to feel up fuel. This concession area is one of the largest private concessions worldwide and absolute beautiful.
From here we drive further trough Damaraland and on the way we visit the Petrified Forest etc. But then we came to an end of this magnificent tour, and we drive back to Windhoek were the tour ends.

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