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Adventure in the Kalahari Desert

Adventure in the Kalahari Desert


During one of my previous tours with regular visitors we spent two overnight stay at the Mabuasehube Game Reserve in Botswana. The campsite is well know as a place where Lions can be observed very often and very close. Because all camps in Botswana has is no fence around the camp, and therefore we must expect wildlife visitors anytime.

I therefore start preparing our diner hourly after we finished set up our camp. We  enjoyed our diner during daylight. After our meal we went on an evening Safari drive. When we came back into our camp just before sunset, we realized that our camp was occupied by 3 male Lion’s. They are joining us for a while before they left our campsite and walked down to the nearby salt pan. This gives us the change to relax and enjoy a glass of red wine before we get tired and we decide to go into our tent’s to having a restful night.

As we walk to our tents I realised that somebody were visiting us. I switched on my torch and yes - there was a Leopard drinking water from the drain hole by our Shower facility. Wow - what an exceptional beautiful cat! We could watch them for about 5 minutes before it was satisfied and moved back into the darkness. We were very impressed by this majestic beauty.


Kalahari Desert Adventure

We than went to our tents, but just 10 minutes after we went to bed, Lion’s returned into our camp for drinking water from the same sources as the Leopard just before. Therefore this little water hole was empty now and the Lion’s starts completely frustrated roaring so close by our tents, that we felt vibrations on our tents. We must “enjoy” this nightly concert every 15 minutes when they starts roaring again until late night. Next morning, we're a bit tired, just to find the Lion’s not even 100 meters far away under some bushes sleeping, when we left our tents.

They were to lazy (no wonder after all the activity during the night) and so we prepared our breakfast and enjoyed it. We left the camp for a longer Safari drive in this area, and when we came back to our camp for lunch, we recognised that Lions left the place as well and walked somewhere in the bush.

This gives us the possibility to do our daily routine in our camp and we got a shower. But I know, that this peace and tranquillity can change anytime, I prepared diner again hourly to be finished if the Lions returns. And we decided not to undertake an evening drive, because we hoped to observe the beautiful Leopard again, should he return for drinking water on this evening too. We therefore placed our chairs just in front of our vehicle and watched very carefully up to the shower facility. And just after dark, we realised some moving by the shower. We switched on our torches and we saw not a Leopard drinking water, today it was a Brown Hyena. We were very impressed once again, because this creature is nocturnal and can't be observed very easy.


Wildlife in the Kalahari Desert

On the next morning we bracket down our camp immediately after breakfast, as long the Lion’s were still patrolling the territory. And after we finished the work, I recommend my guest to enjoy a last shower, because on our next destination on this tour was no water available. OK that’s a good idea my guest said, and walked up to the shower. Hans enjoyed a shower first, and when he returns Anita walked up to the shower facilities as well. In the mean time we packed our equipment into our vehicle, and when I watched up I saw the two male Lion's walking on the road, directly to the shower to drink water.

The first one just past the shower without realized that somebody was in there, the second one just past Anita maybe 5 meter away from her. He stopped for a second and watched her. Luckily Anita where nearly paralysed and motionless, therefore the second Lion was not interested and walked around the shower to get some water as well. At the mean time, I said to Hans come on get into the vehicle, we must drive up to the shower immediately to rescue your love one!

I drove up just one meter far away from the shower, and we open the backseat door, and I give Anita the order, jump into the car quickly. Wow what a jump! When everybody were save, we drove around the shower facilities and we made some pictures.



After that Adrenalin rush we made some jokes. I said to her that I’m very proud about here jump into the vehicle, she could participate on the next Athletic world championships and I’m sure she would be winning the Gold medal. Yes, she said, I’m very proud by myself because I didn’t know that I’m still so movable and quick with my 60 years of age.      

Birds of Grootkolk
Touched by Leopard

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