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Guest Reviews and Feedback of our real Africa Safari

Guest Reviews 2018

Hanspeter it was a beautyful tour 2015, and it was a pleasure to go on tour again in 2017. Camping for 10 days was a real magnificent experience! We were so lucky to see a lot of animals. My first experience with roaring lions close to our tents, and hyenas in our camp. Thank you for everything.
Chantal from Lausanne - Switzerland


Guest Reviews 2017

Dear Hanspeter,
We hade a wonderful adventure with you in the Kalahari Desert.
On our first night in the wilderness we listen to the roaring of the “Kings of the Kalahari “some Lions ONLY a few metres far away from our tents. What an experience!!
We enjoyed your extensive knowledge of Flora and Fauna, and we shared your knowledge of birds, as we are bird lovers too! The Kalahari is one of the best areas for bird lovers, especially raptors can be observed very well.
We will come again!!
Ingrid and Dave Murray
Vancouver - Canada

Look over here, a Leopard is sleeping in the tree. Staring endlessly at majestical animals is one of the many magical experiences we will take home with us. Sighting a big cat is always a treat, especially the powerful black manned Lion. Polentswa wilderness camp – by wild I mean there is nothing apart from a tree under which you can pitch your tent and a long drop toilet with the seat chewed by a hyena. But if you’re looking for an experience that will swell your soul full of unforgettable memories, and for peace and serenity, then camping in the wilderness is definitively for you.
E. Goldstein / Paris - France

Three Norwegians landed in Upington airport. They were met by a smiling gentleman known as Hans Peter. We climb in to a real 4x4 and went towards to a big adventure. HP willingly shared his hugh knowledge about desert life with the three Norwegians with passion. What a extraordinary experience it was, during the week we spend at Mabuasehube. We where privileged to discover animals like brown Hyena, surricat (Meercats) Eland, Oryx, and Kudus, we where even visit by lions at our camp on our last morning. Fantastic experience!
Troll and Thor and Christina / Oslo - Norway
Our 2nd. Trip to Kgalagadi. We were totally captivated by the sheer beauty, wildness and solitude. The 4x4 trails Mabuasehube and Polentswa were the highlight, I hope they protect this “Garden of Eden”, especially the Botswana side!!! Raw, wild and beauty.
Garrick & Annette  / Bangkog - Thailand

spotting africa animals in the Kalhari desert

The day is full of promise. Entering deeper on the “Polentswa wilderness trail, the change of scenery is dramatic. Gone are the trees, replaced by and land speckled with bushes. Theirs is not a soul human that is in sight. Driving slowly on the bumpy, beaten track, we stop frequently to linger over the numerous mammals that inhabit these dry plains, including Blue Wildebeest, Eland, Springbok, Red Hartebeest, Gemsbok, Steenbok, Jackal, and even an African Wildcat. And then nothing for several hours we drive, searching for a sign of excitement and just as I think that’s it, around the bend we spot two Black maned lions and three lionesses. Wow what a pleasure and privilege to be so close by the “king of the Kalahari”. An experience for lifetime. Thank you Hanspeter!!
Roger and Susan / Sydney - Australia


Guest Reviews 2016

Our Kalahari tour leads us to “Kaa game viewing trail” We spend a couple of days at “Swartpan”. There are only two campsites on the edge of Swartpan, an enormous hugh saltpan, with a fantastic gathering of herds of Springbok, Oryx and Eland. We are alone during the whole week, with only the sound of the bush for company. And one our way back to “civilisation” we stumble upon a Suricate (commonly know as a Meerkat). That was the “icing on the cake”, another pops up and another one; soon there are a dozen Meerkats frantically spinning their heads about.
It’s over; 10 days in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Words can’t express how inspiring the journey was, and photos can do not justice to the beauty of the animals, birds, plants and landscape.
“I came here expecting the unexpected, and it’s exactly what I got”
Mike and Ann / Brighton - UK

We decided to call our tour the Wild Cat tour since we saw 8 – 9 wild cats. It’s over our tour through the Kalahari. Words can’t extress how inspiring the journey was, and photos can do no justice to the beauty of the animals, birds, plants and landscape. We came here expecting the unexpected, and it’s exactly what whe got!
Carol, Greg, Bret and Kevin/ Fredeen – Canada

A spectacular tour – we will never forget the roaring lions behind our tent in Matopi Camp.
Pierro & Maria / Milano - Italy

Africa Safari in South Africa and Botswana

The wildlife was great and we particularly enjoyed viewing the cobra (from inside your car).
Sarah & Nick / London - United Kingdom

Thanks a million for a really great experience! What a way to finish my travels in South Africa before heading back North for a cold winter!
Shane McFadden / Ireland

From the first e-mail until our final scenic drive, our visit has been outstanding!
Harry, Carol, Paul & Emily / Phillidelphia - USA

I saw more raptors in a few days than I have seen in years! Seeing the four cheetah brothers at work, was quite a sight!
Lyn Bishop / Washington - USA

A great trip! The highlight has to be the four brown hyens and four caracals we saw within 30 minutes!
Steve Morgan / Berkshire - UK

A fantastic journey! Some great training in how I will bugger up my 4x4 at home when trucking around China.
Jerry & Robin McLean / Hongkong

I said I’d be back to see the black-footed cat – and we were privileged to see two different cats on three occasions. Also fantastic views of aardvark, caracal, wildcat, cheetah, lions and aardwolf!
Steve Morgan & Phil Telfer/ Old Harlow - UK

Great experience – Kalahari is a spectacular place; red dunes, dry river valleys and plenty of exciting wildlife.
S. Fowler / London - UK


Fabulous 6 nights in the Kalahari, leaving me wanting more! Everything was extremely special thanks to our wonderful and cheerful guide! We came across so many plants, animals and birds – meerkats, black maned lions and even a leopard sleeping in a tree!..Hanspeter showed us the “Magic of the Desert!”
Victoria Goldstein / Kopenhagen - Denmark

Very nice tour, properly the best of many we have had! We saw much more than expected – more than 20 lions and most of all a barking gecko! Hanspeter is a real nature lover and he knows EVERYTHING!
Hannu Alho / Helsinki - Finland

Thank you for showing us the UNIQUE Kalahari – it is so peaceful and quiet with beautiful sunsets and sunrises.
Barad & Orna / Israel - Tovia

Kalahari desert